What is the meaning zinc scrap?


Zinc Scrap is a by-product obtained from zinc smelting. It comprises of metal objects that have been produced in chemical and metallurgical industry, which contain scrap mixed with other components such as slag or dross; this waste material contains valuable metals like zinc, iron, copper, etc. The zinc processing industry is the complex of industrial processes used to refine zinc metal and other products. It involves smelting, converting, alloying, refining, or recycling material containing zinc compounds. The first step in the process is usually roasting which converts sulfide ore minerals into oxide concentrates that can be further refined through pyrometallurgy. Many modern applications of this process rely on reagents such as carbon monoxide (CO) introduced during hydrometallurgy to recover purer metallic forms after their initial separation from impurities. Pyrometallic recovered materials are often called “roasted” or “calcine”.

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